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Welcome to The Springfield Presbyterian Church in Springfield New Jersey :: Church Staff

All Vendor Tables for the October 28th Indoor Flea Market are SOLD OUT!

If you wish to be placed on the advanced notice list for next year, send an e-mail to


RevVickyNey.jpgMessage from the Pastor

My name is Rev. Vicky Ney, and I am privileged to serve as the Pastor of this wonderful church family. I hope that you will visit our website and learn more about the exciting ministry and mission activities and opportunities available to you. We are a loving and caring community that encourages and supports one another in our Christian journeys.  We seek to be a joyful congregation in response to God’s love for us in Jesus Christ and I hope and pray that this love, which comes from God, is evident in all that fills our church.



Pastor’s Secretary/Office Administrator: Mrs. Linda Jurczak        
Music Director: Liliya Khobotkova            
Christian Education Assistant: Mrs. Lisa Guida


Class of 2017:  Linda Amiano, Art Biber*, Heather Francis

Class of 2018: Roberta Ares, Mary Pat Deane, Lynn Doll

Class of 2019: Janice Bongiovanni, Donald Rathjens*, Jean Sim



Class of 2017:  Kyle Doremus, Catherine Gleicher, Patricia Grigal*, Tom Hale

Class of 2018: Dawn Clarke*, Carol Kaiser, Brandy Jimdar, Andrew Guida

Class of 2019: Donald Auer, Michele Faraone*, Nancy Hennessey, Ifey Olobi



Class of 2017: Ted Doll*, Rodney Shinners

Class of 2018: Dick Briggs, William Phillips*, Russell Werner III*

Class of 2019: Ruth Ammerman*, Ted Lyons*, Robert Meringer


                                  * indicated second term


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