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Welcome to The Springfield Presbyterian Church in Springfield New Jersey :: Church Staff




RevVickyNey.jpgMessage from the Pastor

My name is Rev. Vicky Ney, and I am privileged to serve as the Pastor of this wonderful church family. I hope that you will visit our website and learn more about the exciting ministry and mission activities and opportunities available to you. We are a loving and caring community that encourages and supports one another in our Christian journeys.  We seek to be a joyful congregation in response to God’s love for us in Jesus Christ and I hope and pray that this love, which comes from God, is evident in all that fills our church.



Pastor’s Secretary/Office Administrator: Mrs. Linda Jurczak        
Music Director: Liliya Khobotkova            
Christian Education Assistant: Mrs. Lisa Guida


Class of 2015:  Mary Pat Deane, Lynn Doll, Jeffrey Elker
Class of 2016:  Don Rathjens, Meg Doremus*, Marilyn Sinclair
Class of 2017:  Linda Amiano, Art Biber*, Heather Francis



Class of 2015: Dawn Clarke, Leslie Riccie, Maureen Waibel, Jean Sim
Class of 2016: Andrew Guida, Michele Faraone, Nancy Hennessey, Bob Meringer*
Class of 2017:  Kyle Doremus, Catherine Gleicher, Patricia Grigal*, Tom Hale



Class of 2015: Bill Phillips, Scott Wahlers*, Russ Werner
Class of 2016: Ruth Ammerman, Ted Lyons, Joyanne Schoeman
Class of 2017: Roland Curtiss*, Ted Doll*, Mitchell Gleicher                                     * indicated second term


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