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Springfield Presbyterian Church in Springfield, New Jersey


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What is a Presbyterian?

Presbyterians are a group of Protestants whose church is founded on this concept of democratic rule under the Word of God.  The Presbyterian denomination is a form of Christianity democratically organized to embrace the faith common to all Christians.  In the New Testament, presbuteros means, “elder,” and refers to the custom of choosing leaders and advisors from among the wisest members of the church.

Presbyterians believe that:

  • God: Creator of the universe
  • Christ: the incarnation of God on Earth
  • Holy Spirit: the presence of God in the World and in the believer
  • The Church: a universal company of Christ’s followers
  • Forgiveness of Sin: made possible by the crucifixion of Jesus
  • Life Everlasting: shown by the resurrection of Jesus
  • Bible: the inspired word of God.

Our Mission

The purpose and mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Springfield is to continue the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ until he comes again.  To accomplish this we have a three-fold plan:

  1. Enlist disciples in the way of Jesus Christ;
  2. Encourage the people of God to grow in their faith;
  3. Engage the Kingdom of God in the World.

We are a believing community that encourages and supports one another in our Christian pilgrimage: Each believer has been given special gifts and is encouraged to use them for the glory of God.  A loving, supportive community is as important today to the growth of ones faith as it was to the early church.  We offer a variety of opportunities for our disciples to be enriched and nourished.





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Check out our EVENTS page for a full listing of what’s happening at the church!


 Office Hours

For the months of September thru June, the office will be open 9am - 12Noon  and 1-3pm Mondays through Fridays. The office answering machine is accessible 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, with emergency contact information, should you need to call outside of office hours. 

       For all after-hours emergency Pastoral care - Pastor Ney is available via her cell phone: 908-338-7429. If she does not pick up immediately, please leave a message and she will call you back as quickly as possible. When Pastor Ney is on vacation, Pastoral coverage information will be provided on the office answering machine message.



The front office hours from July 3rd through Labor Day, September 4th are Tuesdays through Fridays

9am to 12Noon.  The answering machine is always working for the main phone #973-379-4320.


Please leave a message for staff if after posted office hours. We will return your call when we return to the office.

Instructions are on the message for emergencies needing after-hours attention.


Staff members keep various work hours, depending upon their responsibilities,  so please use the voicemail system  to ensure that we can address your concerns as quickly as possible.


Appointments with Pastor Ney must be made with her directly, as her schedule varies daily. 




Worship Schedule

Sunday at 10:15am
followed by Fellowship Hour
to enjoy coffee and conversation. Join us!


Would you like more info on our Church, or would you like to receive future emails regarding upcoming events?


 Sunday School Call office to register your child. Classes run from Sept. to June.


Jr./Sr. HS meets Sundays at 9am in Parish House. K-5th grade begins in church at 10:15am worship service then breaks away to classes.


RALLY DAY - 9/10/17

Students and Committees are welcomed back from the Summer break during Fellowship Hour, which includes Sunday School registration for students and ice cream sundaes for all!



will resume on Wednesday, Sept. 13th at Noon.

Registration must be made by Noon on 12th.  Free will offering accepted.



 CALL 973-379-4320 FOR INFO.








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